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2G Series
2GaB series latex transfer pump
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(a.)With 8 grades 750r/min mating electric motor and converter adjusting speed, the output flow can be controlled automatically depending on the production requirement. (b.)The transmission of torque is effected by synchronous timing gears lubricated individually, preventing metal to metal contact between the driving and driven screws. The reliability of pumps is increased. It is possible that the pump can dry-run in a period of time. (c.)The roller bearings and gears are in the same box, so the structure of pump is more compact and reasonable. (d.)The structure of bearing housing is detachable between the upper and the lower, very easy to assemble, overhaul and maintain. (e.)The inner of pumps is machine-shapped and filleted, avoiding the coacervation and clogging of the latex.

 Performance data:

Capacity: 1.5~175m3/h
Outlet pressure: 0.1~0.8Mpa
Temperature of pumped liquid: ≤250℃
Speed: 50~950r/min
Viscosity range: 1~106mm2/s NPSHr: ≤ 9m
For all kinds of liquid especially latex. Effectiveness: (a.) Positive displacement pump, converter adjustment, high efficiency (up to 70%) (b.) Non-cavitations (c.) Non-shearing, non-milk breaking (d.) Rotors self-cleaning, non-clogging Capacity easy control (from 0 to max)
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