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Jiangxi Xinde industry pump Co., Ltd., a hi-tech pioneer, specializes in the design, research, production and technical service for the screw pumps. It is situated in Xinyu city, the center of the west of Jiangxi province, China, with picturesque and fascinating natural environment. Crossed through by Zhe-Gan railway and Hu-Rui highway, it enjoys a convenient transportation.

The strict quality control is implemented to provide customers with high quality products. The company won the ISO9001 certificate in April 1997. The whole series of screw pumps received the LR and CCS type approval certificates. Xinde has been a market leader with a diverse of products of marine engineering screw pumps.

Xinde owns abundant technology power and has invested heavily in design and development. It specially organized the mathematic research group consisted of authorities on the research of spiral molded surface and lines of diverse screw pumps to commit to the fundamental research of products. The company possesses over ten advanced special equipments for screw processing, numerical control processing center, special numerical control confectioning processing center, large-scale plasma nitrogenization device and the first automatic test desk with the world advanced level etc, making Xinde a market leader.

The acquisition of new knowledge and new technology has enabled Xinde to develop a complete series of screw pumps including especially the large capacity twin screw pumps, slurry twin screw pumps, high temperature twin screw column bottoms pumps, corrosion resistant titanium material twin screw pumps with globally leading level.

The major products of the company are over a hundred of sizes and structure types 2G series twin screw pumps and 3G series three screw pumps which have a diverse range of applications including in the petrochemical, food processing, chemical, mechanical, marine and other industries. The temperature of medium pumped is up to 450, the delivery pressure is up to 20MPa, the capacity of pumps is up to 3000m3/h.

The company has a strong international orientation and has been able to export our pumps to the foreign markets significantly. To serve its wide markets, Xinde has established subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Xinjiang, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Xindes service department offers round the clock service (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and takes care of preventative and periodic pump maintenance. It carries out all repairs any customer anywhere may require. This service not only takes care of pump repair but also includes damage assessment, on-site installation etc..

Thanks to the support and assistance of our customers. We are striving to create a more humane world and to contribute more to society through our ground-breaking technologies. We welcome any feedback from our customers and use such feedback to reflect on our products and services to make further improvements.

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